Technical Support

SPRING 2018: questions of a technical nature should be directed to the Embanet Technical Support Help Desk (available 24/7).

FALL 2018: students will not be using the ePortal to access courses beginning in September 2018. Please refer to your welcome email and program or course start page for details regarding accessing your courses through AC Brightspace or the OntarioLearn Portal.

Algonquin Exclusive

If your course code begins with ALG, please dial 1-877-723-6689 or submit your inquiry via the Support Portal.


If your course code begins with AL or another college prefix, please dial 1-800-695-5008 or visit the online Support Portal.

Still having problems? Send us an email at:

Changing your eAlgonquin password

You can change your eAlgonquin password at any time. Changing your eAlgonquin password does not affect your LMS passwords.

LMS (Learning Management System) Password Changes are manual

We do not recommend changing your LMS passwords. If the LMS password is changed you will not be able to log in automatically to that particular LMS through the eAlgonquin portal.